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Today we will know some reviews of FM WhatsApp or FMWA, which is the modified version of the original WhatsApp. This article will mainly be based on features,  Pros and Cons, so pay attention if you have any interest in the FM WhatsApp.


We are living in the modern world of 21 century  that heavily relies on communication. Generally with the invention of smartphones many of the messaging apps came into the market, WhatsApp is one of them.

People generally use Many messaging apps but WhatsApp is the king of all.  It helps you in remaining ultra private during every type of messaging. But due to human nature, we every time want something better.  That’s why developers are creating similar apps like WhatsApp.

What exactly is FM WhatsApp APK?

It is the best modified app of the original version, and it is developed by the Food apps. He added a large number of features in the app and presented it to the users. This app is not available at play stores but you can download it from the third party website but before you download it you need to be careful of antivirus which can be there in third party website if you didn’t take care it can contain viruses and malware in your cell phones.

FM WhatsApp is the Superb Best version that allows You to hide your last seen, online status, delivery report, other interface icons. You can enjoy thousands of themes from the library, which has a lot of options to choose from.

Why should you use FM WhatsApp APK?

As you All are knowing, Bad is the best modified version of WhatsApp. but the question is why should we use it? The answer to this question is very simple and straight, for more visual experience and cool features which are not present in the original WhatsApp, this app provides it.

This app provides freedom of customization, which allows and helps you to choose and also personalize the app according  to your satisfaction.

Instruction of FM WhatsApp

The following is the exact information of the FM WhatsApp APK

The app name is FM WhatsApp

The latest version is 7.99

The size of app is 52.02

Name of the developer is Found Makkad

Last update came on June 18,2019

Package name is Com. FM WhatsApp.

File information

Name : FM WhatsApp APK

Size : 51 MB

Version requirement  4.1 android

Cost : freeware

Total download : 1 lac

Features of FM WhatsApp APK

The  latest version of this app comes with a new Addition and exclusive features, which are described below .

Here are all the categories

This app allow the following list

  • you can replace the green theme of original WhatsApp into which color you like you just need to select it from the library.
  • you are allowed to add a custom theme  to the library, which has a capacity of thousand themes.
  • you can personalize all icons of the app by changing its color and graphics. Privacy To remain more private you can do following list.
  • you can add privacy tweaks to the app, which helps you to hide last seen, blue ticks, and double ticks.
  • you can also deactivate the video calling feature which is very not possible in the original app.
  • you can use app lock, which allows you to use passcode which can secure your data.

Exclusive features

The following are the unbelievable features

  • For sending the message you don’t need to save the number.  You are allowed to send messages to unsaved numbers.
  • the original version allows you to pin 3 Chats, in this you can pin 100 chats.
  • you have the facility to change the color of the group. And this is absent in the original app.

Security features

 The following list are of security features

  • this has an inbuilt app lock, which is not present in original
  • you can secure your chats by adding pins to the chat.

 Increased limits

  • This app allows you to send messages to a large group containing 500 people.  The original app allows 250 people
  • you are allowed to send 60 images to 1 recipient.

Pros of FM WhatsApp APK

The following are the advantages of this app.

  • It has an anti delete features which forbids the recipient to delete your sent messages.
  • You can choose any theme from library there is thousand themes.
  • Now you can share more then nine images in single message.
  • You shares files up-to 700mb.

Cons of FM WhatsApp APK

The following are the downside of FM WhatsApp APK

  • The biggest con of this app is privacy, developers can view your sent and received messages.  This Is a drawback which compromises your security, developers can also spy on you .
  • The other disadvantage is that all functions work slower than the original app.

Installation Guidelines
Need to follow the steps for FM WhatsApp

  1. Open up the computer

  2. Speedy connection with internet

  3. Go to the web browser

  4. Go to google. Com

  5. Search for the downloadable file of FM WhatsApp

  6. Download the file

  7. Transfer the file to your android cell phone

  8. Then go to phone setting

  9. Then go to security settings

  10. You need to enable the option of install from unknown source

  11. After that, install the setup file

  12. After installation procedure you are ready to use the app

Is FM WhatsApp legal?

Yes , it is fully safe in use.  The app developers say that it is a greylist app which is neither legal or illegal.

Final Words

The original WhatsApp Is working with it feature But if you need more where writing in your app menu then you can use FM WhatsApp APK this app will provide you with the best features that are not present in the original app But if YouTube are having concern with privacy and legality then you can go with modified version which are WhatsApp plus, OG WhatsApp and YO WhatsApp this app his modified app and can give you, variety customization and personalization.

But it cannot give you guarantee of Privacy. So, now the decision is in your hands so weigh the pros and cons.  And now you decide to use FM WhatsApp .

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