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WhatsApp is one of the most popular and growing apps in this 20 century.  It doesn’t require any introduction because more than 500 million people are active in 1 month.  It is the very first app that is installed in everyone’s android mobile phones. So,  OG whatsapp is the modded version of the original WhatsApp app which has the best and unique features . You can say that OG WhatsApp APK is reliable and free for its users.

However, it is developed by a third party,  but the developer alone added the advanced security,  privacy features.  By installing this app you can control privacy concerns like to hide online status, profile picture, chatting. This additional feature makes this app reliable. Beside this the developer of og WhatsApp has another feature that helps you to delete all sent messages isn’t it so amazing that you can hide online status with using OG WhatsApp.

OG WhatsApp.. A remarkable app!

OG WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus, YO whatsapp, Aero WhatsApp is designed with clean interference and it is a very user-friendly app because it has a lot and many unique features and these are all modified versions of WhatsApp app. But OG WhatsApp APK is the latest and best designed app which the original app lacks. There are many added features in this app that will not disturb your privacy and security concerns.

OG WhatsApp APK file information

App name — OG WhatsApp 

Version — 2.19.17

File size —48mb

Android version requires —5.0+

Latest updated — 1 day ago 

Some important things of OG WhatsApp

OG WhatsApp is the latest and modified version of official WhatsApp designed with the latest advanced feature. OG had made it more secure and user friendly for all the users who are using it.  Most importantly, it is developed by a third party, not the original WhatsApp you need to know it. 

Although it is not official once but the security concern for users are safe and users can use it.  It will never harm your privacy or disturb your privacy.  So without any stress you can download this app.  Another thing to keep in mind is that use OGwhatsapp as your secondary account for your personal and casual chatting. 


As mentioned before, this app is fantastic and designed with so many advance features let’s have a look-

  • Pre built message scheduler.
  • Anti ban APK
  • Routed status -download feature.
  • Make a call to un added contacts.
  • Group setter more than 35 contacts.
  • Block at particular contact.
  • Help to send more than 85 images 

Detail  information of above features

Pre-built message scheduler – this is a very unique feature. Sometimes we forget to deliver the message to someone who is important to us or our loved ones . So OG WhatsApp has a unique feature that is pre pre-built message scheduler where you can fix the time of sending the message and automatically send that message AT the time we have decided.

On this way WhatsApp has pre pre-built message scheduler where you can easily deliver your messages at your time without forgetting it. 

     Besides this, to send this message you need good Wi-Fi or data connection to send this message. In this feature you are always connected to your loved ones and friends without disturbing your professional work life. 

Anti Ban APK — the user who has installed this app faces the ban problem from the official app. By installing the update version of WhatsApp you can get rid of the band as the developer has sorted old issues. Hence, this app features are modified and 100% safe and secure.

Rooted Status Download Features- Apart from chatting with friends, sharing images you can also upload your status by using this incredible app. You can upload stories, status and get close to family, friends that is very not possible on official WhatsApp.

Make a Call to Non added Contacts — In official WhatsApp for calling you need to add the number of Contacts, but in OG WhatsApp you don’t need to add any of the numbers for sending messages or doing calls. you just need to directly call.

Group Setter Names More than 35 Contacts – Group chatting is the best feature that we loved in the original WhatsApp. As we love chatting on tour with family, friends, colleagues, you need to give a name to the group.  For any kind of work in the office also you need to make a group on whatsapp . Official WhatsApp allows you to name the group using 25 characters but in OG WhatsApp you can use 35 characters to add a name, which isn’t astonishing. So if you use OG WhatsApp you can enjoy writing funny names using 35 characters.

Block at Particular call Contact — yes by installing OG whatsapp you can block any of the contact who is calling again and again.  You just need to go to the setting and block his voice call..  You don’t need to block the whole number.  You just need to block his/her calls. In the official app this feature was not there.

Help to Send More than 85 Images – another great feature is that you can share up to 90 images at one time. Which is verily not possible in official App.  So enjoy this extremely beneficial feature of OG WhatsApp. 

Is OG WhatsApp APK legal

Although it is not designed by the official WhatsApp developer  . Yet it is safe and secure to use.  So you can download it from the third party link.

How to install OG WhatsApp?

So,  finally seeing the feature you all might be ready to start our glimpse with the installation guiding process. So it is very simple. We only have 4 steps for our installation process.

  1. Simply download the APK file of OGWhatsApp from the link then open it in the file manager of your android .

  2. After opening the file you can click on the install button..  Wait until it is installed. 

  3. Now the app is readily installed write your number and otp code  

  4. So now you can add your image with going to the gallery . Now you are ready to go to use OG whatsapp.

Final Words

By all means, OG whatsapp APK is a wonderful app that will provide you with exciting and unlocked features that are not present in the official WhatsApp  And this OG whatsapp is also 100% safe and secure.  With some new effects it is far more better than original WhatsApp too.  It provides us with better experience in security. This app mainly is not available in the play store so you can download it from the third party link.  Therefore you can go with OG whatsapp for the new and amazing features.  You can download OG or GB  WhatsApp if both apps are the same in the feature.

Hope this article has helped you to choose the right one whatsapp for you. Thank you

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